goals and blessings

Calvary Bible ChurchIf you read last week’s post and assumed that I was overly ambitious and unrealistic to think that we could accomplish all those tasks and still keep the normal calling schedule, you are quite perceptive. We managed to accomplish everything on the list of things but were only able to make about forty calls all week. And yet the Lord continues to display his power to provide. He used those few calls along with visits and follow-up to bring the number of scheduled meetings up to twelve.

Additionally, we had a marvelous time at the winter Ohio Bible Fellowship Conference at Calvary Bible Church in Columbus, Ohio (pictured above). Dr. Priest, a church history professor at Detroit Baptist Seminary, was the conference speaker. He spoke on the legacy of Fundamentalism. It was a blessing to give so much time to a subject that is near to the heart of both Laurel and me. In addition to the spiritual refreshment, I was given the opportunity to share how the Lord was directing us towards Romania and at least one pastor approached me wanting information and expressing a desire to have us visit his church.

On top of all that God blessed us financially, leading Cornerstone Baptist Chruch in Massillon, Ohio (no relation to the conference) to give us a surprisingly large love offering. We worked hard this week, but it was clearly God who provided for us.


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