first meetings

Community Baptist Church, Greer, SCWe had the privilege of presenting the ministry that God is directing us into at two churches this last week—Community Baptist Church and Bethesda Baptist Church. The presentation at Community was not as well attended as most of their Wednesday services. The poor weather conditions were probably the cause. In any case, for a first presentation things went rather well. I felt a nervous awkwardness and fell flat on my face walking up the steps to the pulpit before preaching, but there seemed to be an interest and receptivity among the people that was a blessing to us.

Bethesda Baptist Church, Conover, NC

The presentation at Bethesda went much better. The nervousness of the first presentation seemed altogether absent. And the Lord gave a liberty to present His word with confidence. We were a little disappointed that only twelve people attended the service, but it was a small ministry, and the people who attended were probably among the most faithful in the church. The Lord encouraged us with the hope that they will pray for us.


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