major purchases

We are gearing up to present in several churches in the Midwest from late February through March. One of the churches has indicated that they do not have a data projector. This means that we will have to purchase one. The recommended model costs $1,200.00. This necessary purchase is providing us with an opportunity to rest in the Lord. With no regular income as yet, we are very leery of making such a purchase. Additionally, the initial supply of 100 DVDs is almost expended, and the next batch of 501 (the higher number brings a lower per unity price) will cost just under $900.00. But if the Lord would have us purchase these tools for His glory, then He will provide.

Please pray that we would trust the Lord to provide.


One thought on “major purchases

  1. We don’t have the finances to help with your purchases, and our church doesn’t have a projector either, but I do have a couple ideas.

    You may want to consider renting a projector. If the church is in a somewhat populated area, there would probably be an electronics rental place. Otherwise, a larger likeminded church in the area may let them borrow their technology.

    At the large church I attended in Michigan, smaller churches sometimes borrowed our equipment, and I had looked into renting a projector for a one-time use. (It ran a couple hundred dollars, but it was still much less than $1,200!)

    If there happens to be a Christian businessman in the area that is connected to the church, he may be able to borrow equipment from his business as well.

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