cold calling

We’ve exhausted our list of personal contacts. Some of the churches we’ve visited have given us referrals which we are pursuing, but for the most part I have entered into the icy realm of cold calling.

About seventy percent of the cold calls made to the churches with which we have no connection involve me talking to machines, never to hear from a real person. The remaining thirty percent is broken up between those who are not interested, those who aren’t willing to talk to someone they don’t have a connection with, those who don’t have any room to schedule us, those who don’t have the funds to have missionaries in, and those who have not yet completely ruled us out yet.

People with whom we have some kind of connection seem to be more interested in learning how defrostGod is leading us to minister to neglected and abandoned youth in Romania. Please pray that God would send individuals to refer us to additional churches or other individuals who will be interested in hearing about the future Romanian ministry. Many of the obstacles are still there with referrals, but they are overcome more easily with a connection.


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