car trouble?

Since we departed from Greenville, SC for our first trip to churches in the Midwest in late February of this year, we put over 7,000 miles on our car. Just last week, during an oil change, I commented on how wonderful it was for the car to go and go without needing any maintenance. Throughout our travels, we were praising God that He had shown Himself faithful through giving us a dependable car.

But after our drive to Florida for a meeting near Fort Myers, God gave us a different way to see His faithfulness displayed–a dysfunctional car. In response to the “service engine soon” light that appeared on our trip to Florida, we had our car checked at an auto parts store, outside of Tampa, only to be told that either the computer has gone bad or many, many other things have gone bad. While we could have very easily responded faithlessly by become distressed, God gave us the grace to trust Him.

We have already seen His faithfulness displayed through our dysfunctional car. God brought us safely to our destination. And then God provided a car (thank you Eddie) for us to use while we are in Florida. And if the dysfunctional car makes it back to Greenville, there is someone there waiting to help us fix it. Right now, we don’t know how much the repairs will cost, but we do know that God is faithful, so we don’t need to worry.


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