the gift of faith

Earlier this morning, I was having my devotions out of 1 Corinthians 12:8-11, considering what different spiritual gifts look like in individual lives. When I came to the gift of faith, God brought to my mind how He has been giving Laurel and I this gift. God has been building our faith by allowing us to face challenges and then consistently displaying His power to overcome what seem to be insurmountable obstacles.

For example, this month, we were only able to schedule one meeting. When the meeting was scheduled several months ago, I had hoped that we would be able to schedule several more meetings in Florida during the same month. But despite my best efforts, the Lord granted no additional meetings.

As we were driving down to Florida for this month’s one meeting, we wondered what God might have in mind for us. Perhaps the church will take us on for regular support. Perhaps someone in the church will join our team. Perhaps someone really needs to hear the message. Perhaps someone in the church will faithfully pray for us.

The church ended up giving far more than we have seen any church of its size give. In one meeting, God gave a month’s worth of provision. And in addition to meeting our material needs, God has allowed us to meet with other pastors and to set up several meetings for later in the year and for next year. Most of this was done during time that would not have been available if we had other meetings to go to. We do not ever know what God has planned. But we know that we can trust Him. That trust is a precious gift to us. It’s what we cling to. It’s His gift of faith.


2 thoughts on “the gift of faith

  1. What a blessing to read about your “gift of faith.” Our God is faithful. We are praying for you each day.
    Grandma and Papa Howie to our Romanian children

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