In Season, Out of Season

Yesterday evening the Lord gave us a special blessing. We didn’t have a church meeting planned, so we attended Community Baptist in Bradenton where one of my friends from undergrad attends. We hoped to schedule a meeting there for later this year, but when Joshua called the church, Pastor Golson told him that Community’s missionary schedule was booked through April 2009 and that the church wasn’t scheduling for beyond that yet. However, he did offer Joshua a personal meeting while we were in this area, so he and Joshua met casually about a week and a half ago.

We were looking forward to the service last night. A Frontline missionary who assists works behind the former Iron Curtain was scheduled to speak. However, there was a mix-up somewhere, and he didn’t come. About ten minutes before the service was supposed to begin, Pastor Golson approached Joshua, told him what was happening and asked him if he could fill in. After processing the initial shock, Joshua answered yes.

Providentially, we had all of our presentation gear in the borrowed car we’ve been driving. So we were able to quickly throw our display up. And also providentially, the only thing we didn’t have with us was a sermon outline. This made Joshua feel, as he put it, “a bit furtive.” But what an opportunity to trust the Lord for His enabling!

Joshua was quickly able to reverse engineer an outline for the sermon he uses with our presentation from my little sermon notes journal, and the Lord gave grace to help him remember the illustrations and applications that I didn’t record.

We are praising the Lord for answering our prayers! He is ordering our steps, going before us, operating on His schedule—not man’s, and giving grace for all the ministry opportunities He gives us. What a great God we serve!


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