Three May Meetings

Bethany Hills Baptist ChurchAfter this month’s mission conference we headed down to North Carolina for two meetings. The first meeting, at Bethany Hills Baptist Church in Raleigh, seemed to go well: it was well attended, and a few people expressed interest. Though the senior pastor was in Israel, we enjoyed getting to know the assistant pastor and his family along with our hosts.

Grace Bible ChurchThe second North Carolina meeting, at Grace Bible Church in Rockwell was more sparsely attended, but we were encouraged by a talk with a missionary appointee to Jordan who was nearly to the field. God also seemed to put a special burden on the heart of one mother in the church who expressed that this was the first time that she heard a missionary presentation and wanted to go. It was also a blessing to have Laurel’s father with us for the service.

Ferndale Baptist ChurchThe third meeting of the month was in Charleston, SC at Ferndale Baptist Church. They are currently without a pastor and are continually visited by guest speakers. Experiencing such a wide exposure might incline a church body to become callus to the needs of other parts of the world. However, we were surprised at how sensitive and welcoming everyone was. God has us in His hands and is leading us to precisely the right churches.


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