drive by faith, not by sight

Several months ago, we posted some information about our car trouble and about our confidence that God would provide financially and with His protection.  After five hundred dollars in repairs and a couple of precarious situations, God once again proved himself faithful with provision and protection.

An especially frightening moment took place in the Bronx. We had been driving through a New York City traffic jam for five hours when we pulled off to use a McDonald’s restroom. When we endeavored to return to the express way, we could not find an entrance ramp. It took thirty minutes of driving through graffiti splotched neighborhoods before we found a re-entry ramp into the aforementioned jam. The whole time we were lost, the car seemed to putter and to threaten to give up what little life it had left. As we lurched through inner-city New York, I looked out at broken windows and myriads of people and thought, “the car is going to die right here, and we’re next.”

Once home, I called our mechanic friend. He advised me to replace the spark plug wires. I didn’t realize that I was capable of such a procedure. But twenty dollars and two dirty hands later, the car is running quite well. Oh, the tyrany of circumstances! Would that I simply remember that God is faithful at all times.


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