goals completed, goals attainable

Biblical Ministries Worldwide requires us to submit goals each month and then to report our progress the following month. The goals often involve setting up meetings, communicating with supporters, and developing more efficient ways to prepare us for and to speed us toward ministry in Romania. Along with those goals, I usually have some kind of reading goal. Passing the Baton and The Bruised Reed have been on my list for a few months now, and they have been completed.

Passing the Baton was an excellent book that greatly transformed my thinking about missions work. Steffen argues that missionaries must approach their work with a plan to leave. Planning to phaseout from the beginning empowers nationals to become self-replicating Christian leaders. A second theme that impressed me was Steffen’s emphasis on missionaries earning the right to teach truth by first becoming students and servants of the culture the Lord puts them in.

The Bruised Reed was difficult to read because of the archaic language, but it was highly devotional, and I believe that it will aid us in ministry to many young bruised reeds, hurting children with a misunderstanding of the biblical truth of who God is, in Romania.

Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ was an enjoyable and challenging look into the life and nature of Jesus Christ. Especially awe-inspiring to me was the chapter on the wisdom of Christ.

The accomplishment of these small goals reassures us that faithfulness pays off. The larger goals of scheduling fifty meetings for the year is in sight. And more importantly, God can (and we trust will) get us to Romania soon so that we will serve Him there, obeying His will and accomplishing even more goals for His glory.


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