The first year of pre-field ministry (deputation) is coming to an end. Our first year on the road has exposed both unexpected obstacles and unexpected blessings. The obstacles have given us a better understanding of why so many potential missionaries never make it to the field, but the faithfulness of God through the difficulties has reminded us of the importance and the amazing privilege of following Him.

As we seek to follow His leading day by day, some things are starting to become easier. Last year at this time, we had no meetings scheduled and no financial support. Currently, God has blessed us with nearly twenty meetings for next year and 25% of our needed support. Yesterday, I called two churches in the same town, and both of them scheduled a meeting with us for the same week!

As progress is made and some things become easier, God gives us hope that our goals may be reachable. We have been praying for 50% by the end of the year. This sometimes still seems to be an impossible goal. SnowballAnd we know that God has not bound Himself to our timing, but at the same time as we become more and more dependent on our heavenly Father, and as we see Him over and over do what seems to be impossible, 50% no longer seems impossible. Last year scheduling even one meeting seemed nearly impossible. Now meetings are a snap. God will do what He will do. Please join us in praying for the impossible.


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