Heavenly Propulsion

We had some exciting news yesterday. A friend of the Howerton’s who used to do research involving family life and adoption in the United States is visiting with our partners the Howertons in Romania until next summer, while her husband is in Iraq.

She has offered to use some of her expertise to do fund-raising specifically to build a building we could use as a ministry center for at risk youth in Lugoj.

Once again, the Lord’s timetable surprises us. We thought that such a ministry center would be something that we would attempt years from now, and once again the Lord seems to not just be leading in this direction but propelling us forcefully forward. How we underestimate His power!

Please pray for the Howerton’s and Kendra as they go to Lugos’s city hall today to discuss the nitty gritty of attempting such a project in Lugos. Please pray that the visit will provide them with the necessary legal information and that the Lord will use the contact to magnify His name among city officials.

Also please pray for wisdom as we plan how to go about planning this project. As I said before, we didn’t anticipate this happening for years, so while we have many ideas floating about our collective five brains, we need wisdom to reach a consensus on exactly what our goals for the building should be.


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