Exciting news and follow-up on Day Center Plans

Apple's ChapelRejoice with us! We heard from a Apple’s Chapel, a church in Gibbsonville, NC, this morning. They told us that they voted to take us on for support. Not only did this shoot our support up to 29%, but this church also has a mission home near where Laurel’s parents live, so we’re really excited about having a place to stay when we are home on furlough that is near family. Please keep praying with us that the Lord will supply 50% of our support by the end of 2008. It’s seeming more and more possible.

On another note. We talked with Pastor Baron Howerton this morning. His meeting with city officials went well on Monday. He was able to gather a lot of information about how to legally set up a day-center in town. There are many many details to work out, but we are so excited about the potential for this building to be used to reach young kids and teens. Please pray with us for wisdom in proceeding.


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