Bereea Baptista Update

Bereea Baptista is the church that we’re planning to go and work with once the Lord provides our support. We thought that it might be helpful for people to know a bit of what the Lord is already doing there and how He is laying the ground-work for this church to take the gospel to the neglected and abandoned children and teens in Lugoj, Romania.

One on One Bible Studies

In adult Sunday School, Pastor Baron Howerton has been teaching how to plan and how to administer a one-on-one Bible study. There are already several Romanian Christians doing this with their families and friends! How exciting to see the Lord grow these baby Christians into mature believers who are excited about sharing their faith with others.

VBS Seeds Sprouting

Baron and his ethnically Romanian seminary helper, David, have been systematically visiting contacts from this past summer’s VBS.  As a result new children have been coming to children’s Sunday School and as many as 16 teens have come for teen Bible study on Friday evening!


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