Supernatural Faithfulness in the face of Economic Uncertainty

EconomyWhen you turn on the TV or radio you hear about it. When you catch snippets of a conversation behind you in the grocery store line, there it is again. Every time you turn around it seems like there is a common denominator to nearly every conversation: THE ECONOMY!

As we travel from church to church, the conversations we have with brothers and sister-in-Christ do not prove to be an exception to this trend. And for good reason, the economy affects every facet of life whether we are believers or not. The thrilling difference for Christians is that we have the certain knowledge that our God is in control and that He will supply our needs according to His riches in Heaven. We have seen this to be true!

Just yesterday we were encouraged to receive a note from Rick Gregory, a pastor-teacher who sits on the board of our mission. He wrote to let us know that he is praying for all of BMW’s missionaries who are struggling to raise support during this challenging time. How kind of him, and we are always delighted to hear of prayer support. It is so vital to the job we’re striving to accomplish.

So we wrote Pastor Gregory back telling him of our appreciation for his prayers, but we also were thrilled to testify of the Lord’s supernatural provision this fall. The following is the note we were privileged to send. We hope that it was an encouragement to him, and we hope that it encourages you also:

Dear Pastor Gregory,

Thank you so much for taking the time to send off such an encouraging
e-mail. The prayers of God’s people are so essential in this endeavor,
and we are truly grateful.

We will archive your note so that in the future if we hit a
discouraging time we can read it again. Right now the Lord has chosen,
at least in our case, to prove himself so much stronger than the
economy. Instead of seeing a slow down in our support raising, we’ve
seen a 10% leap in the last two weeks. We are praising Him for this
supernatural blessing. And we’ll continue to praise Him, even if His
perfect plan contains a slow down in the coming months.

Thank you again for your encouragement and prayers,
The Louks


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