Romanians to pray for



Our ministry team is praising the Lord for the spiritual growth the Howerton’s have seen in two young ladies who attend Beerea Baptista: Isabela and Cristina.

Isabela is a high school sophomore striving to be a light for the gospel in her public school. Please pray for her faithfulness and for the Lord to send her a Christian friend her age. Also please pray for her testimony at home and that the Lord would save her parents.

Cristina is a 22 year-old nurse. She is also trying to be a good witness to her family, but sometimes this is difficult because they often criticize and question her faith. Please pray that the Lord will give her a special measure of grace to represent Him and strength and joy to do right in the midst of mild persecution. And of course please pray that the Lord will use her witness to draw her family to Himself.

A couple posts ago, I mentioned that Pastor Howerton has been doing a Sunday School series about how to hold one-on-one Bible studies. He’s also conducting several of these with some young men. Please pray that the Lord uses these studies to save these young men.

One of the new children coming to Sunday School is an 11 year old named Catalin. His home situation isn’t the best and as a result he acts out quite a bit. This makes him challenging to have in Sunday School, but also presents many opportunities to show him the love of Christ. The Howerton’s prayer for Catalin is “that the love of Christ will be evident to him through us and that we can be patient and loving with him at all times.” Please pray that the Lord will save Catalin and that he will know true consistent love for the first time in his life.”


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