New Gypsy ministy in Maghuri

gypsy boysRomania is brimming over with opportunities to share God’s truth and love with those who do not know him. And yet the labors to cultivate this fertile field are so few.

Recently the Lord has opened up doors for the Howerton’s to teach English to 60 gypsy kids in the nearby village of Maghuri. The social worker, who directs a secular day center in Maghuri- dedicated to keeping at risk kids in school, did a home study of the Howertons as part of the adoption process that they are going through.  And the Lord worked so that the director invited the Howertons to come and teach English each Friday at the center. They handle the large number of children by splitting them into groups of 20 and providing a 20 minute lesson to each group. How much better it would be if there were several Christian adults doing this.

Not only, would the English lessons be better, but with more workers perhaps more than English could be taught during this time. The nurse in Joyce would love to include some lessons on basic hygeine, and so far there isn’t opportunity to turn this into a regular gospel witness. Please pray with us that the Lord will allow that to happen in time. In the mean time, please pray for the Howertons as they learn much from the director about how a day center is run legally in Romania.

As referred to in earlier posts, our long tern goals include establishing something similar in Lugoj, but with a blatant gospel testimony.  The Lord seems to be working to provide a building for this many years before we thought that this would be possible, but even with the building we need more manpower. Please pray (and consider joining us fulltime yourself) that the Lord would raise up Christians, (Romanian would be best, but we’re more than willing to work with Americans or other nationalities as well,) to come and join in cultivating this fertile field.


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