A Missionary’s Job Description

A Missionary’s Job Description

Recently, while communicating with another pre-field missionary wife, she mentioned that a church committee had asked her husband to write out a job description for his ministry.

What a great idea. After all when a church partners with a missionary, it’s contracting out a Christian laborer to lead in the fulfillment of God’s command to all Christians to take the gospel to the entire world. And it’s only fair for an employer to expect a potential employee to convince him that he will be fulfilling what he will be hired to do before being hired.

The Standard

So what should a missionary’s job description look like? It could be as simple a statement as the following:

Going into the community of calling, teaching that community to observe all things that Jesus commanded, baptizing those who profess trust in Christ in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and knowing that while the missionary does the above,  that Christ is always with him and is always enabling him to do His will.

If that paraphrase sounds a bit plagiarized, that’s because it is. Matthew 28:19-20 provides the standard for a missionary’s job description and hopefully no biblical church would even consider hiring a self-proclaimed missionary who wasn’t one hundred percent committed to the above.

While the overarching job description of every missionary must be the same, there is also a sense in which each job description must be individualized. After all the details of the way the Great Commission is put into action to reach the stone-age tribes of the Amazon basin will be different from the strategy of a missionary taking the gospel to the business sector of Tokyo, Japan.

My husband, Joshua, and I are planning to join and assist a veteran church planter in Romania. For fun we sketched out a job description for Joshua.

Joshua Louk’s Missionary Job description:

Title of the position
Church Planting Assistant

Least of These Outreach

Reports to
Pastor Baron Howerton and all supporting local churches.

Overall responsibility
Enact Matt. 28:19-20 by supervising the development of national Christians to take the gospel to the orphans and neglected youth of their community through servant leadership and modeling.

Key areas of responsibility

•    Studying God’s Word daily and preaching and teaching God’s Word once a week to the attendees of Bereea Baptista
•    Developing discipleship programs that emphasize evangelism and God’s role for the family
•    Personally taking the gospel to neighbors, and to Lugoj’s abandoned and neglected children through Bible clubs, educational outreaches, and camps
•    Assisting with music ministry
•    Mastering the Romanian language and culture
•    Being open and flexible to the daily leading of God’s Holy Spirit

Consults with
•    Pastor Baron Howeron; sending pastor, D. Whitcomb, and leaders of Community Baptist
•    Romanian cultural experts: growing believers at Bereea Baptista
•    Veteran missionaries, especially those associated with Biblical Ministries Worldwide

Term of employment
•    As long as the Lord leads to remain in Romania


•    A consistent and growing walk with the Lord
•    Obedience to the Lord’s revealed will in the Bible
•    Compassion, humility and other aspects of the fruit of the Spirit
•    Good organizational/administrative skills
•    Willingness to die to self daily
•    Above reproach
•    Husband of one wife and wise ruler of own family
•    Sober-minded and self-controlled
•    Respectable and dignified
•    Well thought of by outsiders
•    Hospitable
•    Able to teach
•    Not a drunkard, nor quarrelsome
•    Not violent but gentle
•    Not a lover of money nor greedy for dishonest gain
•    Not a recent convert
•    Not double-tongued
•    Holds to the mystery of the faith with a clear conscience.
•    Must prove himself blameless
•    His wife must be dignified, not a slanderer, but sober-minded, and faithful in all things.


3 thoughts on “A Missionary’s Job Description

  1. Good foundations to know.

    It is sad we forget that God demands missionaries without name tags…..Christians often think they are not “missionaries” because they are not hired or sent by a board…. when in fact- God has given us such a beautiful gift…and plants us exactly where he wants us to be—- whether it be working at tim hortons and living in a canadian street by a school…..or simply playing guitar as a volunteer for your congregation.
    We often place passion in a feeling and a career- forgetting that every single Christian is told to spread the gospel, to share why the gospel is “good news”.

    It is such a beautiful gift—that our wonderful God never ever needed us…yet He wants us and adopted us…that’s why God’s love is so amazing.

    I typed out of curiosity– and I pray for you both tonight. Your work is beautiful 🙂
    We will not always hit the mark on the standards God has (the list above you wrote) for us
    – yet with each failure, we can learn and live in Him.
    He has you on planet earth on purpose….so when things seem dry–when you wonder if you’re doing good at all—- You are 🙂

    God bless

    Your sister In Christ

  2. I would love to be a missionary doctor. at the moment I am studying Biology at a university and i’am ecstatic by the idea of being a missionary doctor. I know taht it is quite a challenging job, but as long as I trust in the Lord, I know I can accomplish anything. God bless you in your ministry, and please pray for me that I may get through lives challenges.

  3. I as well typed in by curiosity and ended up in this site but i know God allowed it for a reason i belive i been called and chosen like david was in his early youth and have been through alot because the lord willed .. I know and God himself have revealed it to me that i may use my testimony and outreach to the young people and mark a difference.. I am glad and happy i can see your ministry.as a motivation to me.. Im gonna have you in my prayers and i ask that you keep me in yours. My name is Hector i am a ex Gangmember but a new creation trough Jesus Christ..

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