The End

We found out this morning that good ol’ Betsy joined Marley’s ranks. She’s as dead as a door nail. Evidently, her engine seized up and rebuilding the engine would cost more than our twenty year old car is worth.

We are rejoicing in how God prepared our hearts for her demise. During the second service on Sunday our pastor preached from Matthew 6: 19-33 about the sin of worrying. The Lord used the sermon to remind us of several truths.

1. Worrying is sin. We must not indulge in it.

2. Our Buick was His car. He can do what He wants with it.

3. We are His servants, and we are in need of transportation to obey Him, but this is not something to worry about.

3. He’s the best employer in the universe. He will provide. There is nothing to worry about.

We are excited to see how the Lord will provide for this need, and are completely confident that although not having a vehicle seems to put quite the damper on pre-field ministry, that the situation isn’t even the slightest bit challenging to our almighty God.


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