things to come

This coming Monday, we will be starting out as a threesome on our first big deputation tour.  It’s a bit scary to think that we’ll be on the road for two and a tiny baby, but thankfully, we’ve had two trial runs to help us know how to prepare. First we went to Gibbsonville, NC on April 19 and then to Boone’s Creek, TN on April 26th.

Apple’s Chapel:

Apple's ChapelOur North Carolina meeting at Apple’s Chapel, one of our supporting churches was a joy. How refreshing to have a meeting without the intense pressure of partnership recruiting. Our meeting at Apple’s Chapel was a nice change of pace and was a good foretaste of what furlough will be like. Praise the Lord for fellow believers who have caught the vision with us of the Lord’s desire to rescue Romania’s abandoned.

During the Sunday School hour, we met with a Sunday school class that has adopted us. We really enjoyed getting to know these sisters-in-Christ. The morning worship time brought a new first for Laurel and me; we sang a duet. After the musical worship was finished, I preached a new message from James 1:19-27 (Doers Who Act). In the evening, I met with the youth, presenting the ministry to them and answering questions.

Athan and Laurel did reasonably well, but the trip did seem to challenge Athan a bit. The first night, he was up three times and the next night twice.

Boon’s Creek:

Boone's CreekBoone’s Creek was also a joy to visit, as was the beautiful Spring trip up through the Appalachian mountains. If we make that trip again  early in the year we must plan for some Aaron Copland.  We thoroughly enjoyed getting to know the friendly congregation and worshiping with them. The two messages were exceedingly edifying, and we had a great time visiting with Joshua’s best man and Laurel’s former office mate, Todd and Lorna Jones.

Athan did a little bit better on this trip. He was up twice the first night and only once the second.

Please pray with us:

  • That as we travel that Athan would adjust to being in different places and would still be able to get the rest that he needs.
  • That we would be able to minister effectively as a family.

Here’s our May itinerary:

Bethel Baptist; Sellersville, PA (May 13)
Victory Baptist; Whiteland, IN  (May 17)
Sugar Grove Bible Church; Dayton, OH (May 18-24)
Calvary Baptist; Willard, OH (May 31)


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