Off to Germany

Yesterday, around noon I took Joshua to the Greenville airport  to send him and the Huggins sisters off to Europe. They will be in Germany for a week at Biblical Ministries European Conference, and then they will travel to Romania to visit the Howertons and to check out ministry opportunities etc.

That’s at least the plan anyway. Joshua and the young ladies should be in Germany right now, and they probably are. The problem is that no one seems to know where they are. Their plane was rerouted and that seems to have created some confusion as to how to locate and pick them up from the airport.

Early this morning (4:00 AM) I received a call from a missionary in Germany asking how he could reach Joshua. I gave him our Skype number and hoped that he would be able to get in contact with Joshua that way. However, when I woke up this morning and checked e-mail it seems that Joshua, Brittany, and Hailey are still MIA. Please pray that they’ll be able to connect with the right people to be able to catch a ride to the conference center. Thanks.

It’s a great comfort to know that even though I have no idea where in the world my husband is that the Lord knows exactly where he is and is watching over him.


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