Safe in Munich

At 3:45 PM EST Joshua e-mailed to let me know that he and the Huggins sisters were safe and at last in Germany. They were supposed to arrive in the wee hours of this morning. Joshua didn’t provide many details of why they arrived so behind schedule, but it seems that their connecting flight in Washington D.C. which was supposed to take them straight to Munich was delayed and then rerouted to Chicago, and then the plane in Chicago was also delayed causing them to miss a flight. Somehow and somewhere they were delayed again and missed another connecting flight  before they finally were able to arrive in Germany. Joshua said if they hadn’t been so tired the repeat of delays, missed flights, and reroutings would have been almost humerous.

Because of the extra long flight, I imagine that it’s going to be challenging for the three to stay awake during the conference’s sessions tomorrow. Please pray that the Lord would provide unusual strength and attentiveness so that the three can glean as much knowledge as possible from the sessions. Thank you.


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