The Upcoming Week in Romania

Please join me in prayer for the coming week. Our survey team will be flying to Romania on Monday and will begin a rigorous schedule on Tuesday.

a.m. – visit teen orphanage
p.m. – help with VBS

a.m. – visit crisis pregnancy center in Timișoara
p.m. – help with VBS


a.m. – visit gypsy village
p.m. – help with VBS


a.m. – visit special needs orphanage
p.m. – help with VBS (special carnival night)


a.m. – visit Bereea’s literature distribution
p.m. – activity at private orphanage

I would also ask that you pray for Laurel and her family. Her grandma passed away last night at seven. We praise the Lord that her grandma was a believer. But we ask your prayers for those who have only begun to feel the loss of this special woman. Please pray especially for Laurel, who will have to make decisions about how and when to travel to Florida without me there with her.


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