praying for everything

God has quickly reinforced the importance prayer must play for this survey trip. Our visits to several places on the schedule have already been canceled. We were not able to get into the teen orphanage today because the officials who grant permission are currently on vacation. Also our time at the special needs orphanage on Friday was canceled, due to a scheduling conflict at the orphanage.

Please pray with us for every aspect of this trip. Not only are we dependent on God to reveal His will to those participating in the trip, but we are also dependent on God to get us into the places we want to visit in the first place.

We were able to help out with Bereea’s VBS though. About forty kids came for the first night. Participating in ministry with the members of the church has greatly increased the fervency of my desire to be here.

Special Prayer Requests for Wednesday:

  1. Please pray for safety as we travel to Timișoara.
  2. Please pray that we would learn from our time at the pregnancy crisis center.
  3. Please pray for safety for Joan and Paul Seger and for Avril and Dale Fries (some of BMW’s leaders) as they travel to join us in Lugoj for several days. They are coming to meet the Howertons and to learn firsthand about the needs in Romania.

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