Crisis Pregnancy Center

Thank you for praying for the arrival of the Segers and the Frieses and for our team’s visit to the crisis pregnancy center in Timișoara. The travelers made it safely to their hotel, and God gave us a very informative meeting with the leaders of the crisis center.

Here are some of the daunting realities we learned:

  • With a total population of about 22,000,000, Romania aborts about 1,000,000 children annually, making it the top provider of abortions in Europe (second in the world).
  • Out of nearly 7,000 abortive-minded mothers counseled, the crisis center has been able to dissuade about 350 from going through with the abortion.
  • Most officials prefer abortion in crisis pregnancies and are not excited about those who discourage it.

Please pray that God would give us wisdom to know if and how to proceed with a similar ministry in the future. Like many other problems in Romania, the abortion situation is overwhelming and desperately needs prayer. After I return from Romania, I will give a fuller description of what the center in Timișoara is doing and of what starting one of our own might involve.

Special note: I have now driven in Romania for the first time. Traveling in Romania is always an adventure, but this was an especially exciting experience. I hadn’t driven a stick since driving in Korea, and my refresher here in Romania entailed shuttling five children to and from VBS. The children continually urged me in Romanian to drive at unsafe velocities. I did not indulge them. The disappointed children didn’t bestow me with any awards, but at least they made it to their destination without incident.


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