Gypsy Day Center

Our visit to a day center in a nearby gypsy village brought a pleasant surprise. Expecting to find a mostly empty center, we were greeted instead by sixty young, smiling faces.

At the facility:

  • One multipurpose room, one computer room, one office, and one tiny library room
  • Sixty young people (58 Roma [i.e. – gypsies], 2 ethnic Romanians)
  • One legal advisor, two social workers, and three volunteer teachers

Purpose of the facility:

  • Incorporate Roma into mainstream society
  • Prevent premature withdraw from school; encourage further education

Greatest needs:

  • More volunteer helpers
  • Additional school/activity supplies

Please pray that God would give Baron and the church wisdom to know how to reach out and minister to the needs of the young people at the center. Pray also that God would show us if and how He wants us to start a similar ministry through the church.

Visiting these works is bringing the demands of such ministries sharply into view. Pray that God clearly shows the way to proceed.

Special prayer requests for Friday:

Please pray for the final day of VBS. We are expecting over sixty children to attend. Pray specifically that

  1. the larger crowd isn’t overwhelming,
  2. that all the organizational elements would come together smoothly for the closing day’s carnival, and
  3. that the gospel would have free course in the hearts of the young people.

One thought on “Gypsy Day Center

  1. How wonderful that the Lord has provided all these opportunities for you. Thank you so much for sharing these with us. You are in my prayers.

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