VBS Success

Prayer, planning, and hard work brought about a successful end to Bereea’s four-day VBS program. Paul, Joan, Avril, Dale, Paul Michael, Brittany, Hailey, and I helped in the smooth execution of Friday’s carnival. It was exciting to see the church minister to the young people.

Baron has been teaching a series on Sunday mornings about the church’s purpose in the world and how each member bears responsibility in that ministry. Seeing that truth take root in the lives of the people was a delightful experience.

How the church ministered:

  • Christina and Isabela both taught evening lessons.
  • About seven church members helped every night.
  • Four or five additional Romanians came to help with the carnival.
  • Baron and Joyce consistently threw themselves into the work.

Visual results:

  • Several new kids attended (including two neighbor children).
  • Forty kids came on Tuesday and Wednesday, and sixty attended Thursday and Friday.
  • All the young people took invitations for their family to attend church.
  • A few families expressed interest in attending church this Sunday.

We praise God for answered prayer and for the fruit already visible. We look forward to seeing how God uses the seeds planted this week.


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