My Return to an Orphanage

ClaudiucoloringMariusYesterday I returned to an orphanage that I spent a week at in 2007. We spent our time there on Saturday playing basketball and Dutch Blitz, swimming, frogging and fishing (with hands, not poles), wrestling, walking, and talking. I also did a little singing. The last time I was there, the kids took several days to warm up to me. This time we were friends in minutes. I enjoyed spending the day with them. I’ve prayed for them countless times since 2007 and have a special place in my heart for them. Still, it surprised me how challenging it was for me to leave them.

Our time with the children was so short. My heart’s desire is to see them in families—even to have them as part of my family. While this desire is unrealistic, it is no less real or powerful. It will probably take several weeks to sort through this unfulfilled emotional bond. Why would God give me such a strong desire for something that cannot be? I need to spend time with Him about this so that my response is based on biblical thinking.

Prayer Request:
Please pray for Laurel as she returns from Florida, where she attended her grandma’s funeral. Your continued prayers for her and the rest of her family are most appreciated.


2 thoughts on “My Return to an Orphanage

  1. It’s such a blessing to see a man of God have such compassion for these dear orphans. The Lord has placed that love for them in your heart for a reason. It’s my prayer that he would show you His perfect will regarding these children.

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