Another Day Center

On Monday, we went to a day center for people living on the street. After we met and spoke with some of the leadership, the center allowed us to help in the kitchen, in the garden, and with a game. We weren’t able to participate in the singing, as it was all in Romanian, but we rejoiced that Baron was able to share the gospel during a devotional time. Most people seized the time to nap, but at least one young guy paid close attention. Seeing this, I prayed for him during the message.

One surprising realization from our trip (my second time at this center) was that many of these young people were also there when Laurel and I visited in 2007. When talking with the staff about this, one responded, “Yes, it’s a little depressing.” It brings to mind the fact that only God can change hearts.

Please pray that God uses His truth at the center to do just that. Please pray for the ministry at Lugoj too. There aren’t many who live on the street in Lugoj, so we have no intention of starting a ministry like this. But we want to minister in ways that will keep people from getting to the point where they live on the street. Please pray that God shows us how to do that best.


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