two days with Livada

God continues to use our time at different foundations to give me a fuller understanding of the possibilities and challenges ahead of us. Kelly, Livada‘s assistant director, spent quite a bit of time with us, showing us around and answering questions. She took our survey team to Livada’s group homes, their mentoring apartments, and to a nearby baby hospital.

this baby really enjoyed feeling my prickly face

this baby really enjoyed feeling my prickly face

The baby hospital is working hard to make the best of a difficult situation. Many things had improved since Laurel’s and my visit in 2007. The walls were more colorful, painted mostly with Disney characters. The babies had more toys to play with. And it seemed like the babies were being picked up more often than before. However, the staff member from Livada who was regularly visiting the hospital, has moved back to England; there were more babies in the hospital this time than there were last time; and when we arrived at the hospital, the babies were all just in their cribs.

We really enjoyed holding the babies. But there is so much more that can be done. Please pray that God opens doors for us to minister in the hospitals in Lugoj. Currently, they do not allow any foreigners in with the babies.


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