the house search

Searching for a house in Romania is a lot of work, and we’ve only just begun! Baron and I spent most of Saturday and all of Monday driving around Lugoj and some of the surrounding villages, checking out the exterior of houses up for sale.

We found plenty of homes that will not work and a few that might. Tomorrow we hope to go inside the few that I’m interested in and to find out how much they cost. Some of the pictures of the many houses we looked at can be seen below.

Please pray for wisdom and that God provides in a faith building way. Laurel and I are getting excited about the possibility of having a home here, but we don’t want to act on our own and regret things later.

house 23house 22house 21house 20house 19house 17house 16house 15house 14house 13house 12house 10house 09house 06house 05


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