overcoming financial limbo

our dream home

our dream home

We have located a modest, well-maintained, functional, and reasonably priced home for sale near Lugoj. The home has a kitchen, one bathroom, two bedrooms, a small living area, a very small room off the kitchen that could be used as a school room or a laundry room, and an annex room (not attached to the house) that could be used as an office for Joshua. The house also has a barn attached that could be turned into additional bedrooms if the Lord sees fit to grow our family someday. Another advantage of this home is the courtyard area and land out back which could be used for ministry activity during the summer months. And to top it all off, the sellers are including all of their furniture with the sale of the house.

The price for the house is reasonable because the home is located in a village near Lugoj instead of actually being in the city. If we were to look in the city, prices for similar pieces of property could easily run as high as $300,000.

The only problem is that, as reasonable as the price is, we do not have a lump sum of 55,000 € ($78,000) in our pockets.

If we were buying a home in America, we would seek to take out a home loan. However, as Americans seeking to purchase a house in Romania, we are finding ourselves in an awkward situation with regard to financing. American banks are not willing to give home loans to those buying overseas. That roadblock would logically lead one to seek financing in Romania. But the Romanian banks are not willing to give home loans to people who earn their income outside the country. This double denial leaves us in financial limbo.

Our first response to this situation has been and will continue to be prayer. In our human wisdom, this home seems perfect, but it may be that God has a different plan. Above all, we want the Lord’s will for our housing. In my prayers about this matter, I have been very open with God about my desire for this house, but my heart is willing to live elsewhere if that is what God chooses.

We are seeking to find a solution, and if anyone knows of any other responsible financing options, please let us know. In the mean time, please join us in prayer about this matter. God knows if this house is best for us, and He can provide if He chooses. Please pray that however He leads, we will follow willingly and that our faith will grow.


5 thoughts on “overcoming financial limbo

  1. Apparently, we may not be the only ones who appreciate the value of this house. When I went by today to ask more questions and to take more pictures, the owners indicated that there were two other parties making offers. One potential buyer was there when I visited.

    Please continue to pray that our faith grows through this experience and that we recognize the wisdom of God in this and all circumstances.

  2. We have just been through this process. We will definitely pray for you to know God’s leading. If this is your house, no one else will be able to buy it. And God will provide. But the waiting time can be hard and LOOOOOOOONG!!

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Elizabeth. These are precisely the truths that we are working to keep in the forefront our hearts and minds.

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