Summary of last few weeks

Bethel Baptist ChurchDuring the last few weeks we’ve been up and down the east coast. Our travels this fall have been marked by rich Christian fellowship. During the second week of October we enjoyed presenting the ministry in Romania to Bethel Baptist church in Sellersville, PA. The fellowship with the Bethel family was sweet, and we were delighted to make new friends.

On our way back south we had the privilege of being able to stop and visit with some friends we hadn’t seen in over a year.   First we stopped in New Jersey and enjoyed a delightful Korean meal with three co-workers from South Korea in addition to spending the night and fellowshipping with the Johnson family. Then we were able to stopover briefly in Maryland to visit with the Mawdesley’s. Their hospitality was especially generous considering the fact that Leslie delivered their second child, a beautiful boy named Luke, within a week of our visit.

After recouping in Greenville, SC for a little more than a week it was off to sunny and very warm Florida. On the 25th, we celebrated the Lord’s Day with Grace Baptist in Tampa Florida. What a joy it was to rejoice with this church plant on the Lord’s provision of a place for them to meet and worship together. They had been in their new location for only two weeks and what an encouragement to hear their story and to once again be reminded that God’s power to provide is much greater than any seemingly insurmountable economic hurdles.

On October 28th and November 1 we were able to worship with a supporting church, Gilette Baptist. Joshua was able to share with the youth group, teach Sunday school, give a testimony-update about this summer’s survey trip, and Joshua and Laurel also ministered together for the offertory.

While presenting at a new church always carries the excitement of what the future may hold. Ministering and fellowshiping with partnering churches gives a different kind of joy that comes with deepening relationships and getting to know each other better.

This evening, Joshua will be traveling to Sebring, Florida to update another supporting church, Calvary, on how the Lord is continuing to lead and provide for us on our quest to get to Romania.


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