challenging limitations

Late Thursday night through today has been a bit of a whirlwind. Thursday was a fairly normal and productive day of contacting pastors. I finished the first wave of all the Georgia cold calls and called several of the churches on the list that I didn’t reach a second time (about 35 calls in all).

However, as we were brushing our teeth, preparing for bed, feeling the satisfaction of a productive day’s work, little did we realize that our day was hours away from being over.

As we were settling down for bed, we discovered that Laurel was bleeding. After calling our midwife, we headed to the hospital. We were given a room very swiftly, but we remained in triage from about 10:30 p.m. until 2:30 a.m. We were told that our unborn daughter seemed fine, and that they couldn’t find anything wrong with Laurel (except the bleeding of course) but that they wanted to observe Laurel overnight. So she stayed at Manatee Memorial, and I headed home to make sure everything was fine with Athan (who was being cared for by his great grandpa). I was very happy to find them both sleeping when I made it home. I was called back to pick Laurel up from the hospital at 5:30 a.m. We went home with instructions that included bed-rest through Tuesday and no heavy lifting for Laurel including Athan who is now, in answer to prayer, close to 20 pounds.

On Friday, operating on only about two hours of sleep, God was gracious to help me make it through the day. With Laurel confined to bed, I spent the day discovering how much she usually does in a day. It’s quite a lot. In spite of all the added responsibilities, God blessed us with the scheduling of a meeting in Ohio for December 27, 2009!

We had planned for the entire family to travel to Leesburg, FL on Saturday afternoon so that we could make it to a church fellowship with Grace Bible Baptist, the church that we were presenting at on Sunday.  However we had to adjust our plans. Instead I stayed in Palmetto until about 7:30 p.m. and put Athan to bed before traveling up to Leesburg for Sunday’s meeting.

On Sunday, Laurel’s aunt and cousin took turns taking care of Athan while I ministered two hours away. I was able to give a brief testimony during the morning service and enjoyed ministering during the bulk of the time at Grace Bible Baptist Church’s evening service. The people seemed very interested, and the pastor was positive about the possibility of future support. He indicated that it would be a little while before that was likely to happen though.

Today was much like Friday, in that I took care of Athan while trying to seize in a bit of ministry productivity as well.

Laurel hasn’t had any more complications since Friday morning, so we’re hoping that after tomorrow things will be back to normal. But to press forward we will continue to need the Lord’s strength. The past few days have been a vivid reminder of how limited our own strength is. Thank you for  continuing to pray for us.


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