Pregnancy news, Fire in Romania, and 50% at last!!!!!!

Bed rest is over!

For those of you praying for Laurel and our unborn daughter, thank you. After returning from Florida, Laurel visited both our physician and midwife. Everything now seems to be normal, and she is so grateful that she is allowed to pick up Athan and that she doesn’t have to stay in bed.  We still don’t know what went wrong, but we are rejoicing that everything seems fine with the pregnancy now.

The Van is “Toast”

Yesterday our co-workers the Howerton’s had a rather exciting evening — their white van that they use for transporting people to church caught on fire and as Joyce put it is now, “toast.” They are rejoicing that no one was hurt, that Pastor Howerton “enjoyed getting to know church neighbors as they brought out their buckets and hoses to help,” and that God in His sovereignty has a plan to turn what seems like a frustrating tragedy into something good. The Howerton’s aren’t yet sure how they are going to be able to transport people to who rely on van-pickup to church, but they are confident that the Lord will show Himself to be a provider in this need.

It’s all down hill from here

Just this week we received a note from some friends we met when we lived in South Korea saying that they would like to support us. Praise the Lord with us for His provision! Their pledge pushed us over the 50% mark. Please continue to pray with us that the Lord would rapidly bring in the other 50%. We would really like to be setting a date to move to Romania soon. We are so hoping to move over this coming summer.


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