Yikes! It’s been almost a month since I’ve posted on here. The busyness of the holiday season seems to have crowded out most of my blogging time. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep everyone a bit more updated soon.

Our family is currently in Ohio. We’re privileged to be with Joshua’s family for Christmas and thrilled to have a meeting at the church he attended when in college, Cornerstone Baptist, the Sunday after Christmas.

Early in December our sending church did a children’s Christmas program in which the children presented monologue testimonies from some of Community’s current missionaries. The paragraphs below are a copy of one of the testimonies from our family. We thought that you might enjoy rejoicing with us through some of the lessons that the Lord has taught us over the last two years.

We all know that God is good, that God is in control of everything and that God answers prayer, right? If you’d asked me those questions two years ago, I definitely would have said, “Of course God is good. Of course He is in control. And of course he answers prayer.” But you know, even though I knew I would say “of course” with my head, a lot of times, my heart was actually whispered slyly in the background, “Well, maybe He’s good sometimes, maybe He’s in control, and maybe He answers prayer.” The reason I know that that’s what my heart was whispering behind the back of my head-knowledge is because my heart was really skilled at a certain activity –worry.

I worried about a lot of things and trust me deputation provides lots of fuel for a worrying mind to keep at a slow burn. I worried about not having money to pay for a trip we had to take to the Emergency Room, about places to stay as we traveled, about putting my foot in my mouth, about the insensitive things people said to me or my husband, about maybe never being able to have a child, about what would happen if our ’89 Buick broke down and died, about no one wanting to partner with us financially because of the economic downturn, about Joshua or Athan or I getting Tuberculosis when we move to Romania, and the list goes on.

You know what? In reference to a lot of the above, there wasn’t much Joshua or I could do to fix those worries and many of them actually happened. We had to cry out to God and actually believe that He was good and in control. And guess what He completely provided for our medical bill, has always been faithful in providing us with places to stay, has taught me humility over that pesky foot that wanders up to my mouth so often, has taught us to care more about what He thinks than what people do, has given us four children –2 in heaven, 1 here with us and 1 on the way, replaced our dying ’89 Buick with a 2005 Toyota Highlander, and has again and again proven Himself bigger than the economy! We haven’t yet moved to Romania and none of us have contracted TB. I hope we don’t but if we do, I know the Lord can provide all we need in sickness or in health.

Now two years after starting pre-field ministry with my husband, I can tell you confidently with my head that God is good, God is in control of everything, and God most definitely answers prayer.


One thought on “Prayer

  1. Joshua and Laurel, I feel led to offer some support before the end of the year. Both of my computers are messing up, but hope I can check emails. Please let me know how to go about it as soon as possible. Have been snowed in and without power for a few days. I have power back now. Hope you had a safe and wonderful Christmas.

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