Our Birth Story . . . To be Continued

Thank you for praying for the birth of our daughter. Our last post indicated that we were scheduled for a c-section earlier today, but when we arrived for the procedure, the doctor was very surprised to discover that our baby had moved into a position that would allow for a safe external version of the baby. At our last visit he told us that we has less than a 2% chance that she would move out of her backbend. We were thrilled, but not nearly as surprised as the doctor. There are so many people praying for her safety, and we are confident that this was the Lord’s merciful answer.

Although quite challenging for the doctors and Laurel, the repositioning was successful. Thanks be to God. This makes natural birth a possibility again and hopefully we will be able to avoid a c-section altogether. We are once again waiting for our daughter’s arrival and would ask that you please continue to pray for a couple things:

1). that our daughter will stay head down,
2). that the umbilical cord now resting below her head would move up and not cause additional problems, and
3). that we would have the joy of receiving a healthy baby girl through a natural birth soon.


One thought on “Our Birth Story . . . To be Continued

  1. Joshua and Laurel, So glad for this good news. You have been much in my thoughts and prayers. I haven’t been able to check my emails for a few days as I am out of town helping my grandson and his wife with my new little great-grandson and his 15 mo. old sister. Such a joy! I also keep your other requests in my prayers. Hope and pray your little one stays in the right position for a natural and safe birth.

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