Backlogged in the Blessings Book

Laurel and I have a journal in which we record the blessings that God brings into our lives. However, sometime last year, we misplaced our Blessings Book. But the book was just recently located.

Last week we sat down, read what was recorded, and thought through all the blessings we could remember since our last entry so that we could record them too. The exercise was beneficial, especially in the face of a particularly difficult rejection from a church that we have been working toward partnering with for a long time. As we faced this discouragement looking back at how God has led and provided was so encouraging and caused us to rejoice in His sovereignty even when things weren’t going out way.

Here are just a few of the gracious ways that God has blessed us:

  • Jan. 2009 — were given a 2005 Toyota Highlander after our old car died,
  • Jan. 2009 — computer’s service agreement covered the damage from an “exploding orange incident,”
  • Feb. 2009 — the natural, unmedicated, safe birth of a healthy baby boy,
  • Mar. 2009 — baby clothes given  for Athan by Tri-City, Community, and Apple’s Chapel
  • June 2009 — chocolate covered strawberries given by a friend when feeling low,
  • Jan. 2010 — were given a barely used cell phone after losing our old one,
  • Jan. 2010 — family’s doctor has reduced bill many times,
  • Jan. 2010 — lots of clothes given to us for Vivian by Tri-City, Community, & Bethel,
  • Jan. 2010 — the humbling $6.25 mentioned in an earlier post,
  • Feb. 2010 — the safe birth of a healthy baby girl,
  • Feb. 2010 — meals provided by Community after Vivian’s birth,
  • Mar. 2010 — Laurel’s mom, Holly, Lindsay & many others helped during Joshua’s absence,
  • Mar. 2010 — medical expenses more than met by an anonymous donation,
  • Mar. 2010 — during a bad allergy season, Laurel’s allergies have been very tame,
  • Apr. 2010 — given a GPS (I’ll write more on this later),
  • Apr. 2010 — received a sizable tax return,
  • May 10, 2010 – received an encouraging and edifying call from a supporting pastor who has turned into a dear friend during deputation. He’ll probably never know this side of Heaven how much the Lord has used him in our lives.

Truly, God cares for His children.


One thought on “Backlogged in the Blessings Book

  1. What a blessing to see how the Lord has abundantly supplied for your needs. What a loving Father He is! He truly cares for His own. I’m so happy for all of you.
    In His love,

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