Sweet West Virginia Hospitality

Sweet West Virginia Hospitality

We’re currently in Ohio with Joshua’s family looking forward to a three week blend of both ministry and family time. On our way to Ohio we stopped off in Williamson, West Virginia and had a delightful time serving at Calvary Baptist Church. We so enjoyed getting to know the people of this very warm and friendly church located in a beautiful mountain valley. We felt so welcomed. One couple in the church keeps bees, and greeted us with a gift of honey to remind us that God’s Word is sweeter than honey comb. In addition to the warm welcome and precious fellowship, we had a delightful time catching up with Pastor Aaron Rhode, a former roommate of Joshua’s, and his wife Barb. Aaron and Joshua had a wonderful time ministering together in song during the evening service.

Cats and Dogs on Snake-like Roads

We left West Virginia on  Monday and traveled for most of the day in very heavy rain. On those serpentine mountain roads such a day can really raise your blood pressure. We are so grateful that the Lord’s hand guided us through the treacherous combination of rugged geography and blinding pelting rain safely.

Athan and Vivian update

One of our biggest continuing prayer requests is always for our children as we travel. For those of you praying along these lines here’s the latest.

At fifteen months Athan is a delightful handful and really seems to love his sister and enjoys practicing gentle touches and snuggling her head with his head. He’s saying a handful of words and seems to understand everything we say. He’s also trying to sing with us, gets excited to feel the rain, and loves all things with wheels, especially fire trucks.

Traveling is really tough on Athan. He never seems to eat well on travel days, hates being confined in his car seat and doesn’t sleep well for days afterward. Please pray that these issues will resolve.

Vivian is 3 months old and started rolling over, looking at her hands, and batting at objects last week. She loves to snuggle, coo, smile, and wiggle. Praise the Lord, Vivian seems to be eating really well even as we travel. Sleep is another story though. All day in the car seems to translate into making up for lost wiggle-time all night.

And for both kids please pray that we as parents would remember that they are our ministry responsibility too and that we would never sacrifice our responsibility to care for and nurture them for another good thing that seems expedient. We need so much wisdom to parent them.  And above all please pray that the Lord will save both children in His timing.


One thought on “Sweet West Virginia Hospitality

  1. Athan and Vivian are so precious! :O) I’ll keep you in my prayers as you travel. It can be a tough road, but oh, how rewarding!

    In His love,

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