I love technology. I’m drawn to all things gadget and computer, especially if they are made by Apple. But I am a missionary. And as a rule, missionaries can’t just purchase whatever they want. My family and I are completely dependent on donations for both our personal salary and for ministry expenses. That makes for a tight budget and high accountability. So typically when a new bit of technology comes around, I do a fair bit of looking, waiting, and not buying. After several months, something new comes along for me to be amazed by. But I almost never purchase the first thing and the second follows suit. This process keeps me from buying things that I shouldn’t. So although, I regularly have to fight covetousness all the time, foolishly fulfilling my desire for technology is rare.

But there are some items that are useful tools that make us more effective stewards of the resources and time that God has given us. I have wondered where a G.P.S. fits into this equation. Many times, especially when lost, I have considered purchasing one. But I purposed to pray that God would give us GPS, if we should have one. This past month, a generous supporting family sent us one in the mail. It was an answer to a long-term prayer. It was not something we had to have, but it certainly is a blessing. On our first trip with it, we were able to find a park on our way for Athan to play in while Vivian nursed. If we hadn’t had the device, he would have likely gone stir crazy in a gas station parking lot. We were initially puzzled as to why God would provide a GPS so close to the end of our deputation process. We think that it may be because of His loving concern for our children’s needs on the road.


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