Spiritual Refreshment

This week has been a whirlwind of activity filled with gusts of Word-filled refreshment, kid induced laughs, and spiritual encouragement.

Sunday found us in Vanderbilt, PA presenting at Flatwoods Baptist Church. We stayed with Pastor Nathan Anderson, his wife Hannah, and their three children aged 1, 4, and 6. Athan was in playmate and toy heaven. And because we were in a baby-proofed home Joshua and I were able to relax a bit more than normal. We really enjoyed fellowshipping with the Andersons and tried to glean wisdom from their experience of working with a church plant in New Zealand. Joshua also enjoyed teaching Sunday School and preaching for both services.

On Wednesday, we traveled to Grace Church of Mentor to attend their yearly church planting conference. We’ve been privileged to attend for three years in a row, and each time we leave filled to overflowing with the Word and the encouragement that comes from spending time with ministry couples who have been serving the Lord for decades. Every young couple plodding through the grind of deputation periodically needs to hear from older couples that ministry is worth the trials that come with it.

Tomorrow we head down to Cambridge, Ohio for a Father’s Day meeting. Joshua has greatly desired, but never before had the opportunity, to present our work on Father’s Day thinking that it will be such a joy to worship God as a Father to the fatherless on a day dedicated to fatherhood.

All of the activity and travel of this last week has enlivened our spirits but wearied our bodies. Please pray for us to keep our eye on the prize and to find our strength for the remainder of this busy week’s schedule in the joy of the Lord.


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