Whence went July

I can hardly believe that it’s the second day of August. Exactly where did July go? After a month and a half tour of Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania churches, we returned to Greenville for a little bit of recuperation and office work before heading to Atlanta to attend field preparation seminar (the second half of candidate school.) During our almost two weeks in Greenville. we were delighted to have Laurel’s brother Emery and his family of four join us for most of that time — a surprise and fun visit initiated by their air conditioner’s decision to go on strike.

On July 12, we traveled to Georgia to get settled for Pre-field seminar. Pre-field seminar was taxing but well worth the training. We had classes on everything from language acquisition to theology, to prayer, to strategic planning for church planting ( and more). One thing that really stood out to us in the training was the suggestion to start church planting planning with an exit strategy and to consider using the apostolic model of church planting instead of the traditional pastoral model. Our board has found that by using this equally biblical model  of church planting that a missionary can plant a church and turn it over to national hands on average every nine years. Using the more traditional pastoral model turning a church plant over to national hands takes on average seventeen years. Needless to say the apostolic model has us quite excited and has fueled quite a bit of brainstorming.

As August begins we are once again transitioning. Joshua is spending this first Monday at the library attempting to put together a strategy to study for and to knock out our church’s requirements for ordination. August is usually a slow time for deputation, so it seemed to be a good month to devote to study instead of travel. Laurel’s at home with the two children trying to reestablish some sort of normalcy for them. She’s hoping to be able to get them into enough of a routine that she can start back more regularly with studying Romanian.


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