our daily milk

While preparing for ordination over the past several weeks, I have taken an almost complete break from all deputation work. The shift in schedule has provided a welcome respite from travel. But with no meetings, the break has also brought about a decrease in available funds.

Yet God has been providing. After no increases in support for several months, He rocketed us up to nearly 70%. And today he provided a special blessing to remind us of His loving care for us.

Before heading off to cloister myself for study, I ran to the store to pick up some milk and a few other items. When the cashier rang me up, I reached into my pocket and discovered that I did not have my wallet. I told the cashier that I would have to come back to pay for my items, and to my surprise, the lady in line behind me piped up and stated that she would buy my items for me.

Jesus teaches us to pray “give us this day our daily bread.” Today God gave us our daily milk through the kindness of a complete stranger.


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