the emptiness of financial motivation

Romania’s government, like many governments, is going through a rough time financially and is looking for places to make budget cuts. One of the cuts they have chosen to make is in the amount that they pay their foster parents. Unfortunately, many foster parents have responded to this cut by returning their foster children to the state. The state has in turn put many of these kids into orphanages.

Romania was making a shift away from larger orphanages towards foster homes and group homes, which are significantly better places for kids to grow up. But this budget cut has partially reversed that positive trend.

We long to reach out to these young people with the love of Christ. Please pray that God will bring in the support for us to get to Romania soon. And please pray that Romanian believers will consider taking these kids into their homes even without the financial incentive to do so.


One thought on “the emptiness of financial motivation

  1. This is very interesting and sad. I have been hearing about the salary cuts for government workers but hadn’t heard that it was affecting foster families. It is hard to believe that the government would do this knowing that the progress that has been made will be reversed. The irony is that they will have to pay to take care of the kids in the orphanages, they are just shifting money from one place to another.

    We’ll keep praying for this and for your support raising.

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