a spiritual shot in the arm

When I lived in Korea, I was surprised to discover that people were so driven to succeed that when they were sick, they would often go to the doctors, receive a shot, and then continue on at work. I’ve always found extra sleep and plenty of water to be a better starting place for personal recovery. But some times we do need an extra dose of something to keep us going.

As we continue engage in pre-field ministry, the most important element for achieving success is a faithful walk with God. But as we walk with Him, God graciously uses people to encourage us along the way. Recently, we revisited the Romanian church in Greenville, SC and received some welcome encouragement. God seems to use the very physical presence of Romanian believers to energize me toward serving in Romania. But in addition to the general fellowship, I was given the surprise opportunity to share from God’s word, we were given over a dozen eggs from a family in the church, and we were asked to pray for the church’s growth so that they would be able to take us on for support.

The love that God has laid on my heart and the encouragement reciprocated by the Romanian believers serve as a much needed shot in the arm, reconfirming God’s desire for us to serve in Romania.


One thought on “a spiritual shot in the arm

  1. Wow! That was better than a B12 shot and/or whatever the Koreans were getting. I thank God for His mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. I have not been on my computer for about three weeks due to illness and recuperation. I may have missed some specific requests; however, I remember the ones I received before that time and, ofcourse, God knows your specific needs even before I do, and I trust Him to provide all of your needs according to His will. I also have small grandchildren, great grandchildren, and grown children and grandchildren, so when your little ones, or you are ill, it touches my heart in a special way.
    I intend to get caught up quickly on your emails. I always try to check to see if I have an email from you and find out if you have any specific or urgent needs. I apologize for my recent inability to keep current. May God continue to bless your diligent efforts and your love and desire to serve Him in ministering to the Romanian people. In Christian Love, Martha Horne

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