The Who and How of Missions Support


God never binds Himself to work within the limitations of our expectations. In fact, He seems to delight in working in gloriously unpredictable ways. When we began to work toward going to Romania, some advised us that missions support was drifting away from flowing exclusively through the church and that we would be wise to focus on cultivating individual partnerships alongside church partnerships. However, others advised that church support is generally more stable than individual support and that we should seek to keep most of our support weighted towards churches. This left us in a bit of a conundrum.

We asked God for wisdom, and at the beginning of pre-field ministry, we focused exclusively on raising church partnerships. While we were doing this, God moved also moved individuals to take us on. And over the last three years we have not found our partnering individuals to be unreliable at all. On the contrary, our partners are passionate about how God is leading us to minister in Romania and are committed, often sacrificially, to sticking with us for God’s glory in Romania. Now that we recognize the tremendous potential of individual support, we focus on fostering both kinds of partnerships. Our current support level is made up of  46% individual support and 54% church support.

Taking a closer look at our thirty-seven ongoing, individual partners reveals a surprising mosaic of demographic backgrounds.

  • We knew eighteen of our partners very well before deputation.
  • However, we have yet to meet eight of our partners.
  • While we don’t know what each partner does for a living, here is some of what we do know. Our partners include 4 educators, 4 in medical related jobs, 2 in camp ministry (from two different Christian camps), 1  pastor,  3 missionaries (each working with a different board), 1 farmer, 1 military airman, 4 retirees, 1 truck driver, 2 in marketing, 1 graduate student, and 1 middle school student.

Do you detect any kind of pattern here? We certainly cannot. And while it is true that people often support those whom they have built a relationship with. The diversity of our partners shows that even that statement is a gross generality. So who supports missions? People sensitive to God’s leading in their lives, support the missionaries God directs them to. There is no salary requirement, no employment specialty, no common background, and no blazing message in the sky. As you pray for God to provide for and work through the missionaries God has knit to your heart, perhaps God will answer your prayer by prompting you to give.



If God prompts you to give to the Romanian ministry, please visit our support page to view different support options.


3 thoughts on “The Who and How of Missions Support

  1. What I find amazing is that you would have 8 people willing to support you on a monthly basis and never had meet them. How amazing is that. Only God can work in people’s hearts to accomplish that feat. GEM had a website for 40 days of praying for Europe. Each day, they would send you a country to pray for along with some information about that country. It is amazing to think that some African countries have a higher percentage of believers than most European countries . Praying for you.

    • Their willingness to support us amazes us too. We can do nothing but praise the Lord for His faithful provision! Thanks for praying

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