Will Wednesday be the Day of Departure?

As we spend our last full day in the United States finishing up little details here and there, we wonder if this will be our actual last day or not. The suspense started last Friday, a day filled filled with two unexpected events. The first, thrilling. The second, spotted.

The Thrilling Event

Joshua met with a group of Christian businesspeople near Spartanburg, SC on Friday afternoon to explain our vision for Romania. One woman picked us up for support, another man is planning to share our DVD presentation with his Sunday School class and church, and a third man who was already supporting us committed to make up our remaining support difference for the next 12 months! We still need to raise a permanent 12% financial support, but what a blessing to know that while we are in Romania for this first term that we are starting out at 100 %. The Lord is such a good Father and his timing for provision is perfect.

The Spotted Event
We are also resting in the truth of God’s perfect timing for our spotted event. Although it is a bit more challenging to understand why Friday afternoon was the perfect time for Vivian to come down with the Chicken Pox, we do believe that it was. The Chicken Pox complicate our plans to leave on Wednesday a bit. For good reason, United Air has a policy against kids with Chicken Pox flying, so we’re waiting for an OK from the doctor that she is not contagious. In the mean time, we’re proceeding with our packing and finalization of details as if we are departing tomorrow at noon. But at the same time we are aware that we may have to reschedule. Please pray that we will be content with whatever God decides is best for us.


One thought on “Will Wednesday be the Day of Departure?

  1. Laurel,
    I’m wishing you both the best of flights and journey to safely arrive in Romania. I was looking through old papers at my parents’ last night and found lots of dear notes from you, and I was so glad we are still in touch. I added your blog to my google reader so I won’t miss a single update! You are all in my thoughts and prayers.

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