First Days’ Memo


We’re doing well and getting as much accomplished as can be expected in the slower more laid back world of Romania. Nothing happens fast here. For example getting our paperwork notarized for our visas took three trips to the same office and half of the day. The slower pace matches our jet lagged brains quite well, so it hasn’t been too much of a frustration, just a lot of walking around down town, which we and our children have enjoyed.

The Kids

Vivian is adjusting very well. She’s enjoying soaking up all of the attention her blond curly hair brings her. She’s even started to great people in Romanian and often waves at everyone we pass.  Athan’s had a bit harder time adjusting, but he seems to be doing better than he was at first. As you pray for us, please remember our two tiny ones. Your prayers are helping!

Although they have their clingy nervous moments, they’ve also been having a grand time most of the time. They have chickens to visit next door. At the Howerton’s home where we are temporarily staying, they have a dog and two cats, a trampoline, and a swing set.  And in town within walking distance they have multiple parks, bridges, and waterfalls to play at and see. They also get very excited to see the occasional horse and cart rumble by. And as in America, nothing makes their day like seeing a bus or an emergency vehicle—sirens wailing—speed by.

Learning Lugoj
Joshua and I are learning the layout of Lugoj—locating groceries stores, the post office, the library etc. Today we got the first step on our visas done, and Pastor Howerton showed us where the electronic stores were, and I bought a hairdryer and priced appliances. We also learned where the open market is, and discovered a children’s shop.

It’s very hot (mid 90’s) with no air conditioning. Our legs have been operating as our primary vehicle, so while the weather is cheerfully sunny, we are very much looking forward to the relief fall weather will bring to mid-day errands.

I think that we will do some more work on Visas tomorrow and also try to set up language lessons. Baron and Joshua are also trying to nail down the weekly schedule for the church and are organizing groups of church members to share the cleaning of the church, the children’s Sunday school, the yard work etc.

We’ve currently seen three apartments and favor one. We’re hoping to see a few more before we decide. We can’t see any more until this coming Thursday when Lugoj’s weekly paper is published.

Prayer Requests

As always we are so grateful for your prayers. I’ll try to get some specific prayers up here soon. In the mean time, please pray

  • for the people of Bereea to adjust to Joshua’s leadership smoothly
  • for our kids to adjust, sleep, and eat
  • for the government to grant us five year visas
  • for the Lord to lead us to the right home.

Thank you.


5 thoughts on “First Days’ Memo

  1. Thank you for your frequent updates. I love reading them and look forward to the new prayer requests. Hearing how God is answering my prayers for you and the family is refreshing as well. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you seek the Lord’s direction for housing and adjusting to the new ministry that God has called you to. Dana (A praying friend from Bethel Baptist in Sellersville, PA)

  2. Hello Joshua. This is Tim Manes in Uganda. We understand about the long waiting time at government offices! Our work permits for Uganda take a unbelievable amount of time. When it gets approved you go to an office, get a doc showing how much you have to pay. You then have to go to an approved bank and pay with the receipt from immigration. You get your paper stamped, but you have to wait until the next to day to go back to the bank to get your ‘real’ receipt. You then go back to immigration and present your ‘real’ receipt. And you are not finished yet. Anyway you get the picture……. We are praying for you all. We fully understand about moving to a foreign country. Visiting is one thing, but living there is altogether a different ball game. I am glad you can stay at the Howerton’s home while you find an apartment. I checked out some photos of your town in Romania. Are you going to buy a car? Later!

    • Hi, Tim. Our countries seem like peas in a pod when it comes to paperwork. Thanks for sharing. We will likely buy a car later. But this year, we are going to just use the Howertons’ vehicle. He went to the notary to approve my driving them in case I get pulled over for a random inspection.

  3. Thanks for all of your updates! As I read them I am encouraged by how the Lord works and is still working in mysterious ways for your family! I’m praying for you and your family. May God give you the strength and comfort you need. Christ is ALL we need in life and nothing more. It is our job to fulfill the need of going out and to rescue those who don’t know Christ’s infinite love. May God bless and provide for you as you are in Romania.

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