In Timișoara

Now that universities are in session, those teaching Romanian to foreigners have a less hectic schedule and are willing to teach us. We met with our new teacher (Emma) this past Thursday. We were encouraged by her proposed plan to bring us to fluency in Romanian. We will be meeting with her every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday morning for two hour sessions. Please pray that we learn to speak Romanian quickly.

After our introductory meeting with her this week, we picked up some items somewhere else in Timișoara before stopping in the town’s center for lunch. The town center is the birthplace of the Romania’s revolution. This building still bears the scars of bullets fired during the outbreak of violence. Ironically, there is a McDonalds located on the ground floor today.

Back in Lugoj, we have found Athan a preschool to interact with Romanian kids. He will be attending two days a week. The school teaches the kids in German and in Romanian. We are also glad that the teachers speak English very well, so the language introduction will not be a complete shock to Athan.


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