Mark 5 in Full Color

It’s been about a month and a half since we arrived in Romania and about three weeks since Baron Howerton left for his nine month furlough in the States. In those three weeks we’ve seen Mr. F, a brother in the church dive downward in a destructive spiral. Thirty-five year old Mr. F’s story begins with his growing up in an orphanage, includes time in prison, the loss of his business, the loss of his wife, and unwise business dealings with gypsy mob families which have resulted in his getting beaten up twice since we’ve been here. In the past three weeks, he’s gotten drunk multiple times, briefly stolen the church van, and is now currently cutting himself. He called Joshua around 8:00 PM. As I write this it’s 9:20 PM, and Joshua is currently with him attempting to convince him to go to the hospital. I’m praying and waiting.

As I wait I can’t help but think of the demoniac of the Gerasenes in Mark 5. This man like Mr. F was held prisoner by something much greater than himself. And like Mr. F, no one could keep him from cutting himself. No one knew what to do with the demonic of the Gerasenes, and we don’t know how to help our Mr. F. But we do know that the same person who helped the demoniac can help Mr. F. Our prayer is that Mr. F. will do what the demoniac did and that is run to Jesus and fall down before him. Please pray with us that Mr. F like the demoniac will be a trophy of Jesus’ grace and that he will be able to proclaim in Lugoj how much Jesus has done for him and that the people of Lugoj will marvel just as those of the Decapolis did.


3 thoughts on “Mark 5 in Full Color

  1. I am praying for you and Mr. F! I appreciate your updates and frequent communication. It really helps me to think and pray for you and the ministry that God has given to you.

  2. I am praying for you “all” and especially for Mr. F. I asked my daughter to pray for Mr. F also. I am on vacation with my oldest daughter and her family — four children, ages 3,5,7,and 9. My heart goes out to you and the hurting people in Romania — and around the world. It seems such a heavy load for such a young couple – and in a strange, new country too.
    I am so grateful that Joshua’s sister, Jessica, was able to go with you to help with the little ones and give you more freedom to study the language, and attend to the many other challenges you are facing. How long will she be able to stay with you? I try to not miss any of your emails, but I may have missed– or forgotten — that bit of information. I know you are where the Lord wants you to be and that His grace is sufficient for the many challenges and difficulties you are facing.
    I appreciate your frequent updates, also. It is very helpful to know your specific needs. Am praying for all of your spiritual, physical, mental, emotional and financial needs to be met in abundance.

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